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How to Find Affordable Car Insurance

The best time to try and purchase new car insurance is typically the same time you purchase a new car but guess what? You can get new car insurance anytime you want, new car or not. Affordable car insurance really is out there and it is up to you to find it. The truth is most people overpay for their auto insurance because, well, they just dont know that there are better deals out there. Do you want to find affordable car insurance? Read on!

One thing you should understand right off the bat is that an auto insurance company isn’t going to just call you up and offer you a better deal. Even if you deserve it an insurance company will not let you know because theyre just fine with you paying more then you have to. The secret is finding an insurance company that offers budget auto insurance and all the perks that normally come along with the more expensive plans. Lets take a closer look on how to find these more affordable plans:

Shop around! By shopping around you will be able to find the best deals. You cant just stick with your old auto insurance company and expect them to lower your rates; you have to actively pursue lower rates in order to get them. The best place to start is the Internet. With the Internet taking over so much of the commerce market (e-commerce) it is easy to buy anything- auto insurance included. Just look at all the advertisements that pop up as soon as you Google auto insurance. There will be plenty of selections to choose from!

Don’t have a lot of time? Good news, you dont have to! Most insurance companies attempt to make life as easy for consumers as possible and if getting affordable car insurance takes hours most consumers arent going to be very happy.

Progressive is one of the leading auto insurance companies because they absolutely give consumers the best deal quickly- even if it isnt through them! Searching for the best deal on the Progressive website is incredibly easy; you need only to fill out a few pages of personal information, which should only take about 15 minutes. The best part is the automatic comparison chart that you get with Progressive. They actually match their rates with their competitors so that you can see which is the lowest!

Dont forget, look for perks! There are certain perks that you may not want to give up just because you are getting a better rate. Some of these perks can include: accident forgiveness, AAA, other protections.

Affordable car insurance isnt impossible to find, you just have to put in the effort to find it.

How to Find Affordable Car Insurance for Your Vauxhall, Even If You’re Unemployed

Car insurance for your Vauxhall isn’t cheap, regardless of how you look at it. However, if you’re unemployed you’ll find that your policy will cost you more than if you had a job. In fact, car insurance policies for someone without a job could cost as much as a third more than a policy for a person with full-time employment.

Shouldn’t the Unemployed Be Paying Less on Car Insurance?

You’d think that insurance companies would be a little more understanding and would give someone without a job a discount on their car insurance. Being unemployed may not be your choice, but your car insurance is still mandatory whether you’re working or not. I

If you have a car, you need insurance. The only time you can get away with not paying insurance premiums is if you’ve declared that it’s off the road via a Statutory off Road Notice (SORN). Without car insurance and a SORN, you could face serious fines or even have your car seized and destroyed. So, whether you have an income or not, you still need to make sure your car is insured.

So, on something that is mandatory by law, you’d expect to be given a break if you happen to be out of work. However, reality isn’t quite like that. Insurers calculate your premiums based on a number of factors, including how old you are, whether you have any convictions, and whether you have a job. Based on statistics, insurers assume someone who is unemployed poses a greater risk than a person with a job.

One factor insurance companies consider when working out your premium is how frequently you drive. They believe that someone who doesn’t have a job will use their car more often because they’re out looking for work. To an insurer, driving more often means a higher likelihood of ending up in an accident, so they charge higher premiums to offset the risk.

Insurers also use general driver profiles when calculating premiums. These profiles show them that a person without a job is likely to be more distracted, which means they might not be as careful while driving. Additionally, unemployed people are more likely to be driving on unfamiliar roads as they head out for job interviews. Again, this means a higher chance of being involved in a crash, which also translates to more expensive premiums.

Insurers also seem to believe that someone who doesn’t have a job is less likely to have enough money to maintain their car properly. A poorly maintained vehicle might suffer break downs that could cause an accident.

On top of everything else, according to their statistics, insurers claim that unemployed people are more likely to file a claim than someone with a job. In fact, people who have been out of work for a long time will not just file more claims, but they’re also more likely to file fraudulent claims.

While most of these arguments cited by insurers are debatable, it really doesn’t matter. Insurance companies use their own statistics to calculate premiums for unemployed people and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It’s just the way things are. If you don’t have a job your insurance will be more expensive, even if you drive a Vauxhall Vectra, which falls in a car insurance group towards the cheaper end of the scale.