Car Insurance News People Wary Of Data-Driven Insurance Rates

Recent car insurance news indicates that more and more people are wary of having car insurance rates dictated by updated driving data coming from drivers. This according to a survey recently given among drivers to determine whether they approve of insurance rates being dependent on driving data being collected from them via a device installed into their cars.

Several insurance companies have suggested on basing insurance quotes and rates on the updated data that they collect from drivers. This can be made possible by installing a device or a computer chip into vehicles that can record and send data about a car owners driving behavior. The survey showed that just over half of the respondents agree with setting car insurance rates by evaluating actual driving data via on-board telematics devices plugged directly into the electronic port of cars. Not only are current driving behavior data being collected, but also the drivers accident and traffic violation history may be used to help set rates. This recent car insurance news may just someday change the way insurance providers set an individuals car insurance rate.

But on the other hand, there is also the other half of consumers that may be concerned of such actions made by the car insurance companies. By taking data directly from vehicles and collecting information such as speed, mileage and even braking data, some consumers are concerned about a possible invasion of their privacy.

Insurance providers have been looking for ways to get more accurate data that will enable them to set more accurate car insurance rates. Data such as car mileage and driving history are already being used by most car insurance providers to help the set rates. But in the case of car mileage, the information used usually comes in the form as estimates given by the policyholders. Most of the time, such estimates may have certain possible inaccuracies that may affect precise setting of the rates.

If you wish to obtain more of such car insurance news, you may want to check into some car insurance company news websites for further updates.