sixteen Year Old car insurance quotes – Ways to get The Lowest Rate

When obtaining 16 year old car insurance quotes, the majority of parents experience “sticker shock”. The increased expense of covering a teenage driver can seem overwhelming in the beginning. But if you do your own homework, you can readily find methods to save money on car insurance for the 16 year old.

The reason for the more expensive of insuring a younger driver is due to the increased risk they give insurance companies. It’s true that some teenage drivers are extremely responsible, the insurance companies know that normally they present a much higher risk than a skilled driver.

Over time as the adolescent driver demonstrates a safe record, premiums for their insurance goes down. But initially you can expect to pay a great deal more than you pay on your own. There is a way that you could get a better than average rate for the 16 year old however if you’re willing to take a few things into account.

Here are just a few things that can be done to make sure that you do not pay more than is essential for teenage car insurance:

Limit your own 16 year old’s driving period.

One of the questions that the insurance agent will ask when trying to get a new policy is, just how much will your new driver be driving every year. They use this number to find out how often the car is on the highway and therefore how much greater chance can there be of them being in an accident.

The less time these people spend driving, the lower the chance of them being in an accident. Drivers who drive less can pay less for insurance.

Avoid Visitors Violations.

It is up for you as the parent to show your 16 year old how important it’s to avoid getting tickets. Speeding tickets could be especially detrimental to your likelihood of paying less for car insurance coverage, not to mention the greater risk of being in an accident if you are generating too fast.

One of the very best ways to teach this would be to obey the traffic laws your self. Tickets and accidents remain in your driving record for years which can mean paying 1000s of dollars more for insurance over period.

Get The Grades

Most main insurance companies provide lower rates with regard to students who get good levels. They feel (and their investigation backs it up) that great, responsible students on average tend to be much safer and responsible when they get driving of a car.

For probably the most part, a “B” average on the most recent report card can help them qualify for lower insurance costs. This goes for high college and college age drivers.

Get At Least three or four Rate Quotes

Don’t assume that your present insurance company will automatically provide you with the best rate. insurance companies are very competitive nowadays and will do whatever they are able to to earn your business, even if for higher risk 16 year old auto insurance rates.

The internet has made it easily to shop for multiple price quotes from one website and it’s not necessary to make phone calls or drive around to complete it.

You fill out a questionnaire online after which submit it for your quotation. Do this with 3 or 4 major companies after which compare. You may be surprised to discover how much different each quote could be.